An alarming 82% percent of job board operators are concerned that they’re not getting credited for the candidates they send to employers’ applicant tracking systems (ATSs)… and only 11% are able to track completed applications on employers’ ATSs.

These are just two of the notable findings available in a survey report we’ve just issued, which you can download here.

A total of 113 job board operators worldwide took part in the survey, which was conducted to gather opinions from job board operators on whether they and ATSs are working together effectively to serve the needs of employers and job seekers. reThinkData commissioned the survey in partnership with IAEWS, Job Board Doctor, JobG8, and The Connection Alliance.

Results of the survey clearly show a widespread concern among job board operators regarding their ability to integrate efficiently with ATSs. A prime example: approximately two-thirds of the job board operators that took part in the survey offer employers the ability to process candidates via their own ATSs. However, when candidates are redirected to most ATSs, job board operators lose all ability to track and claim delivery of those candidates. This greatly inhibits their ability to provide accurate reports to clients and to prove the value they deliver.

As we’ve written in the past, the integration between job boards and ATSs must be improved—not just for the industry’s sake but also for the benefit of the employers and job seekers we all serve. This is especially evident in light of the soaring rate at which candidates abandon online job applications before completing them. An AppCast white paper puts this abandonment rate at nearly 90%.

Bottom line, job candidates’ actions have been telling us loud and clear that transformational change needs to happen. Now, the results of this survey clearly show that job board operators are telling us the same.

It’s time we take action on a unified front.


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