In our previous post, we highlighted the epidemic lack of integration between recruitment websites, job boards and applicant tracking systems (ATSs). We also showed how this disconnect is causing job seekers to abandon online applications in record numbers, which hurts employers and everyone involved.

Although one-off integrations have been attempted in the past, none have ever solved these problems on a large scale. Until now. reThinkData has introduced new cloud-based software called SimpleAPI that integrates any recruitment site and any job board to any applicant tracking system. SimpleAPI significantly improves the way candidate information is shared and delivered.

Our software culls crucial information from the profiles candidates have created on their favorite recruitment sites and job boards and then transfers this information intact to an employer’s ATS. It even prepopulates online forms that candidates need to complete, which makes the whole application experience more pleasant, more efficient and a lot less time-consuming for job candidates.

SimpleAPI offers an equally powerful experience for recruitment sites, job boards and ATSs: the experience of “one-and-done” integration. Our partners and clients only need to connect with SimpleAPI once. After that, they’re seamlessly integrated with one another and they become part of a growing ecosystem of hundreds of leading recruitment sites, job boards and ATSs. They don’t have to build customized integrations multiple times, they never have to worry about updates or workarounds, and they’re able to exchange candidate information with incredible efficiency and security.

In addition, SimpleAPI allows recruitment sites and job boards to maintain their internal taxonomy and other programming conventions. The software even comes preconfigured for a wide array of ATS products. As products are updated or new ones are added, we handle support entirely.

When recruitment sites and ATSs are integrated through SimpleAPI, employers benefit as well. Their flow of candidates is improved, their abandonment rates decline, and their employment brands are strengthened by a smooth candidate experience.

SimpleAPI is also device-neutral, which is especially advantageous for the growing number of recruitment sites, job boards and employer career sites that are becoming optimized for mobile devices.

Building an Ecosystem
By launching SimpleAPI, reThinkData is constructing an entire ecosystem of integrated recruitment sites, job boards and ATSs. The bigger our ecosystem becomes, the more successful everyone in it will be.

To support this ecosystem, our President and CEO, John Bell, is spearheading the Connection Alliance, an industry-spanning group of recruitment sites, job boards, ATS developers, and employers who share a sense of urgency around improving the candidate experience and slashing abandonment rates.

In just a few weeks, well over 100 organizations representing thousands of recruitment sites have joined the Alliance, including SimplyHired, Beyond, Adicio, ZipRecruiter, College Recruiter, Boxwood, and Health eCareers. Employers such as CACI, Digital Signal Corporation, and Activision have also joined our cause.

The application abandonment rate is a wake-up call for our entire industry. SimpleAPI is answering that call, and we’re inviting everyone to join us.

To learn more about SimpleAPI and the widespread benefits it provides, download our article, “Wake Up Call: It’s Time To Integrate Recruitment Websites and ATSs Once and for All.”


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