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Connecting Job Boards with ATS Providers for Candidate Delivery…

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Manually posting and administering jobs and applications on Facebook is too expensive. We can cut your admin costs, improve the candidate experience, and deliver completed applications right into Greenhouse for you. So go ahead make Facebook jobs work for you with automated job posting and delivery of applications back into your recruiter dashboard.

Use your existing easy apply. We do the work to gather the completed applications from email, API or XML and submit the candidate applications into your customers’ ATS.

Transforming the way candidates apply for jobs when an ATS apply process is required. Once connected to reThinkData, you can host the candidate experience, increase completed applications, and keep the candidate on your website to continue engagement.


With AutoDELIVERY you can push resume/CVs directly into your customers ATS or HCM database.


If a standalone Resume/CV Parser service is needed, we can help. We offer a full parsing solution with no minimum fee or long-term contract.


reThinkData can be engaged to design, program, test, and host custom integrations, as needed.

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