Universal Connectors

What is a Universal Connector

We developed the idea of Universal Connectors as an integration solution to reduce the number of integrations any organization needs. Our approach to any industry is simple yet unique.  By inserting our standard API into an industry where there are many vendors that want to connect to many databases of record, we can simplify the process for each stakeholder into a one-to-many integration.  Each organization only has to have one connection to our midware software to be connected to all of the different systems.  This saves time and resources so that development teams can focus on what really matters, their product.

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We can Integrate your Job Board to the ATSs that your clients use

The integration:

• Double the Number of Applications Per Posting
• Radically Improve your Users’ Experience
• Increase the Number of Registered Candidates
• Improve Customer Retention Rates
• Greatly Increase the Quality of Applies

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Simple Way to Enhance Your Product

We handle the the integrations so you don't have to

• Connect Once
• Increase the Number of Quality of Applicants
• Don’t Give Up Your Apply Process
• Improved Mobile Experience

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It's time to connect Recruitment Websites with ATS Providers for a better candidate experience and higher conversion rate.

  • Increased Quality Applications
  • No Development Needed
  • Better Return on Recruitment Investment
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