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Integration Matters A Lot!

We Connect Recruitment Sites with ATS Providers to Improve the Candidate Experience

Improved Mobile Experience

Increase the number of applications from mobile devices

With more candidates applying for jobs on their mobile devices we can help increase conversion rates

One To Many Solution

Manage your interactions through one vendor

With one connection to us, you will be connected to all participating ATS Partners and Recruitment Sites.

Increased Applications

Increased Applications

With a better candidate experience through integrations we can increase the number of completed applications

By The Numbers

Without reThinkData, only 10% of candidates complete the application once they are redirected from a Job Board.

Candidates that are redirected from recruitment sites complete the application 10%

Job Board Survey

Collect profile and/or resume data from their candidates 87%
Feel they need to generate more completed applications 92%
Redirect candidates off their site 82%
  • 2015 Job Board Survey

ATS Survey

Top challenge of integrating with 3rd party vendors 58%
Offer partner integration solutions 75%
Public APIs 38%
  • 2016 ATS Survey

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