reThinkData is your one-stop integration management and reporting system.

For Recruitment Websites, there’s a simple solution for managing the data integrations between your site and all of the ATS products for candidate delivery. Improving the candidate delivery process through a simple integration enhances the value of your product and increases the return on investment of your clients. Simply make web services calls through reThinkData to deliver candidate data to the ATS enabling pre-population of the application form to increase the likelihood of the candidate completing the application. Then, use reThinkData’s analytics tools to view basic transaction statistics and report on candidates delivered for your employers over time.

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Double Number of Applications per Posting

Increase Applications

By allowing your candidates to use their profile to apply for jobs, we can reduce friction in completing applications.

Radically Improve Your Users’ Experience

Improved Users Experience

Take the pain out of the apply process.

Increase the Number of Registered Candidates

Every Candidate-

That you would of redirected can now become a registered candidate.

Improve Customer Retention Rates

Increase your Value Propostion

Get your clients more candidates this year so they will spend more money next year.

Increase the Quality of Applies

Quality Candidates

Allow the best applicants to apply.

How we do it

As the number of integrations has increased, there are two different ways that the industry has adapted.