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reThinkData is your one-stop integration partner.

For ATS Providers, there’s a simpler way to provide integration with your software to thousands of recruitment websites for candidate delivery. Improving the candidate delivery process through a simple, secure integration enhances the value of your product and increases the return on investment of your clients. If you already have web services to accept candidate data, we’ll map our comprehensive library to your services to get you connected quickly. Don’t have web services for candidate data? We’ll provide simple documentation for you to build to the industry standard and we’ll flip the switch when you say go.

One Integration

One to Many Solution

Connect all the Recruitment Sites that your clients use with one integration. Save your team time and resources by letting us deal with integrating the thousands of recruitment sites in the Industry.

Increased Applications

Increase Quality & Quantity

With less friction we can improve both the quality and quantity of candidates that apply.

Don't Give Up Your Apply Process

You Built It Use It

Our solutions allows you to utilize the amazing brand experience you have built your customers.

Improved Mobile Experience

Improved Mobile Experince

Our solutions helps limit keystrokes and allows candidates to upload a resume.

How we do it

As the number of integrations has increased, there are two different ways that the industry has adapted.